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12/2(Mon) speak with … vol.5 イトケン with SPEAKERS / How about this?? trio with doctor H


act :
イトケン with SPEAKERS
イトケン / Itoken (keyboards)

千葉広樹 / Hiroki Chiba (bass, keys)

オロロトリヒロ / Ororotrihiro (ukulele, keys)

三浦千明 / Chiaki Miura (Tp, keys)

松本一哉 Kazuya Matsumoto (drums, perc, keys)

How about this?? trio with doctor H

湯浅佳代子 Kayoko Yuasa ( trombone synth etc)

田ノ岡三郎 Saburo Tanooka (accordion etc)

阿部美緒 Mio Abe (violine etc)

箸本智 Satoshi Hashimoto (Manipulator etc)

open 19:30 / start 20:00

charge ¥2,500 (+1drink, tax )

⬇ご予約はこちら / Reservation